What is Astrology?

What is Astrology and understanding of astrology

Commonly Astrology is subject to understand effect of planetary and other celestial objects and points on earth. Originally philosophy of Astrology comes from BHARTVARSHA (Indian Subcontinents) almost 6000 years before Common Era. At BHARATVARSHA Astrology is known as JYOTISHA. The JYOTISHA is one of the six VEDANGA. So it’s also called Vedic Astrology or Vedic Jyotisha. If we assume VEDA as Cosmic Body, the JYOTISHA is Eyes. The VEDANGA are supporting disciplines for study and to understand THE VEDAS.

VEDANGA word comes from VEDA + ANGA (Body Parts)

  1. Shiksha (siksa): Phonetics - Nose
  2. Kalpa (kalpa): Ritual - Arms
  3. Vyakarana (vyakarana): Grammar - Mouth
  4. Nirukta (nirukta): Etymology - Ears
  5. Chandas (chandas): Meter - Feet
  6. Jyotisha (jyotisa): Astrology - Eyes

Jyotisha word comes from Jyot (Light) + Ishawar (God); simply means that “Light of god”.

Maulik Bhatt says that -

JYOTISHA – VENDANGA JYOTISHA is to gain the knowledge of KAAL
The measurement which shows us the ratio of time duration, manner and what should be done about the happening with planets, constellation and earth is called KAAL.

Vedic Astrology (Vedic Jyotisha) has three branches called Siddhanta, Samhita, and Hora.

Siddhanta:: This includes different branches of Science like Astronomy, Mathematics. Basically this part is more of a calculative science.

Samhita: This is calculative and predictive part for universe, earth, and world. Basically this part is called Mundane Astrology.

Hora: This is predictive part for individual, and divided into sub categories like Jatak, Muharat, Prashana etc. Basically this part is generally use as astrology in day-to-day life.


JYOTISH SHASTRA is mainly divided in five parts

Astronomy - Geography - Maths - Principles – Predictions

First four part (Astronomy - Geography - Maths - Principles) has weightage of 90% but not easily visible and last part (Predictions) has only 10% weightage but mostly noticeable part, like iceberg.


First four part (Astronomy - Geography - Maths - Principles) works like algorithm. Whereas, Prediction part is Art.