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Football World Cup 2014 Predictions from Maulik Bhatt is most accurate till date.

Well till now the FIFA Football World Cup was breathtaking. Our predictions for Knockout stage are more than 90% accurate and all over more than 75% accurate in this Football World Cup 2014.

FBWC KS 92 accurate Final






















Football World Cup 2014 Predictions


Knockout Stage

92% accurate

1400% returns

Date Match Predictions Results Accuracy Profit/Loss (%)  
12-Jun-14 Brazil v/s Croatia Brazil WIN Brazil 100 90
13-Jun-14 Mexico v/s Cameroon Cameroon not wins (Mexico Win or Draw) Mexico 100 110
13-Jun-14 Spain v/s Netherlands Netherlands WIN Netherlands 100 600
13-Jun-14 Chile v/s Australia Chile WIN Chile 100 40
14-Jun-14 Colombia v/s Greece Colombia WIN Colombia 100 90
14-Jun-14 Ivory Coast v/s Japan Ivory Coast WIN  Ivory Coast  100 150
15-Jun-14 Uruguay v/s Costa Rica DRAW Costa Rica 0 30
14-Jun-14 England v/s  Italy Italy WIN Ttaly 100 350
15-Jun-14 Switzerland v/s Ecuador Draw (All three results Possible Draw 35% – Switzerland 33% –Ecuador 32%) Switzerland 75 150
15-Jun-14 France v/s Honduras France WIN France 100 20
15-Jun-14 Argentina v/s Bosnia Herzegovina Argentina WIN Argentina 100 20
16-Jun-14 Iran v/s Nigeria Nigeria WIN Draw 0 -100
16-Jun-14 Germany v/s Portugal Germany WIN GER 100 90
16-Jun-14 Ghana v/s United States Ghana Not Win (Draw or US WIN) US Win 100 90
17-Jun-14 Belgium v/s Algeria Belgium WIN BEL WIN 100 140
17-Jun-14 Russia v/s South Korea Russia WIN Draw 0 -70
17-Jun-14 Brazil v/s Mexico Brazil WIN Draw 0 -50
18-Jun-14 Cameroon v/s Croatia Croatia WIN CRO 100 70
18-Jun-14 Spain v/s Chile Spain WIN ESP 0 -120
18-Jun-14 Australia v/s Netherlands Netherlands WIN NED 100 150
19-Jun-14 Colombia v/s Ivory Coast CIV not WIN (Colombia WIN or Draw) Colombia 100 90
19-Jun-14 Japan v/s Greece All three Draw 100 90
19-Jun-14 Uruguay v/s England Draw (All three results Possible Draw 35% – England 34% – Uruguay 31%) Uruguay 25 50
20-Jun-14 Italy v/s Costa Rica Italy WN Costa Rica 0 -70
20-Jun-14 Switzerland v/s France France WIN France 100 70
20-Jun-14 Honduras v/s Ecuador Ecuador not WIN (Honduras WIN or Draw) Ecuador 0 -120
21-Jun-14 Argentina v/s Iran All three (Arg 34%, Draw 33%, Iran 33%) Argentina 100 180
21-Jun-14 Nigeria v/s Bosnia Herzegovina Nigeria WIN Nigeria 100 150
21-Jun-14 Germany v/s Ghana Germany WIN Draw 0 -120
22-Jun-14 United States v/s Portugal Portugal Win Draw 0 -100
22-Jun-14 Belgium v/s Russia All three Belgium  50 25
22-Jun-14 South Korea v/s Algeria Algeria Algeria 100 50
23-Jun-14 Cameroon v/s Brazil Brazil WIN Brazil 100 50
23-Jun-14 Croatia v/s Mexico Mexico Mexico 100 100
23-Jun-14 Australia v/s Spain Spain WIN Spain 100 100
23-Jun-14 Netherlands v/s Chile Netherlands WIN Netherlands 100 150
24-Jun-14 Japan v/s Colombia Colombia WIN Colombia 100 50
24-Jun-14 Greece v/s Ivory Coast Greece Win Greece 100 50
24-Jun-14 Italy v/s Uruguay Italy WIn Uruguay 0 -100
24-Jun-14 Costa Rica v/s England Draw Draw 100 70
25-Jun-14 Honduras v/s Switzerland Switzerland WIN Switzerland 100 70
25-Jun-14 Ecuador v/s France All three Draw 100 50
25-Jun-14 Nigeria v/s Argentina Argentina WIN Argentina 100 50
25-Jun-14 Bosnia Herzegovina v/s Iran Iran WIN Bosnia Herzegovina 0 -120
26-Jun-14 United States v/s Germany Germany WIN Germany 100 70
26-Jun-14 Portugal v/s Ghana Portugal Win Portugal 100 150
26-Jun-14 South Korea v/s Belgium Belgium WIN Belgium  100 120
26-Jun-14 Algeria v/s Russia All three Draw 100 50
28-Jun-14 Brazil v/s Chile Brazil WIN Brazil 100 90
28-Jun-14 Colombia v/s Uruguay Uruguay win Colombia 0 -120
29-Jun-14 France v/s Nigeria  France WIN France 100 150
29-Jun-14 Germany v/s Algeria  Germany WIN Germany 100 70
30-Jun-14 Netherlands  v/s Mexico Netherlands win Netherlands  100 120
30-Jun-14 Costa Rica v/s Greece Costa Rica Win Costa Rica  100 50
1-Jul-14 Argentina v/s Switzerland Argentina WIN Argentina  100 90
1-Jul-14 Belgium v/s United States Belgium WIN Belgium  100 70
4-Jul-14 Brazil v/s Colombia Brazil WIN Brazil 100 90
4-Jul-14 France v/s Germany Germany WIN Germany 100 250
5-Jul-14 Netherlands v/s Costa Rica Netherlands WIN Netherlands  100 150
5-Jul-14 Argentina v/s Belgium Argentina WIN Argentina  100 150
8-Jul-14 Brazil v/s Germany Germany WIN Germany  100 120
9-Jul-14 Netherlands v/s Argentina  Argentina WIN Argentina 100 120

Maulik Bhatt prediction was more than 90% accurate for Knockout Stage. On the very first day of FIFA Football World Cup Maulik Bhatt had given HIGH StarPower to Germany, Brazil, France, Netherlands, Argentina and Belgium and from any of them will be till Semi-Final in addition to that they will be winner for FIFA World Cup 2014. Moreover, Germany, Brazil, France, Netherlands, Argentina and Belgium had been Top 6 teams in this FIFA Football World Cup 2014. Hence, Maulik Bhatt prediction was 100% accurate.


There were lots of uncertainties which took place. And one would have never ever had thought that this would have happen alike in Semi-Final match; which was between Brazil vs Germany, in that Germany gave miraculous performance in opponent to Brazil which was out of imagination.


Football World Cup 2014

78% Accurate

4455% Returns