Football Predictions, FIFA Football World Cup 2014

Football Predictions

Football World Cup is one of the massive events in the world and in different countries people are eager to watch FIFA World Cup. So right now Group Stage came to a good end where from 32 teams, 16 best teams gave their best and moved to second stage. The following are the 16 Best Qualified Team:


Group A                 Group B              Group C                Group D

Brazil                    Netherlands         Colombia               Costa Rica

Mexico                 Chile                    Greece                  Uruguay  



Group E               Group F                Group G                Group H

France                  Argentina             Germany              Belgium

Switzerland            Nigeria               United States       Algeria



Knockout Stage

2014 FIFA World Cup knockout stage are as under:

Round of 16





  (Maulik Bhatt represents the team by giving StarPower and grades them by Low and High StarPower)


In this Knockout Stage each team will get only one opportunity to show their best and move to the next level. Previously Maulik Bhatt had clearly predicted that Spain, Italy and England have LOW StarPower and they won’t be able to move next level and it had been proved by this prediction.

Now we can see they got eliminated in first round and in the other end Maulik Bhatt had gave HIGH StarPower  to Germany, Brazil, France, Netherlands, Argentina, Belgium.  Along with that Maulik Bhatt had proved this in the First Round and at present Maulik Bhatt Knockout Stage Prediction is going on.

FBWC 2014 GStage Predictions


Till now Maulik Bhatt Football Prediction was 74% accurate and more than 3000% returns.

Moreover, the toughest prediction was between Spain v Netherlands and England v Italy in addition to that the prediction was 100%.

Prediction is getting much difficult as stronger team is getting qualified. According to Maulik Bhatt Germany, Brazil, France, Netherlands, Argentina and Belgium has more chances to Qualify for Semi-Finals as well as win the WORLD CUP.