1. Who is MauliBhatt.com?

    1. MauliBhatt.com is provides genuine and accurate predictions for different sports like Football, Cricket, Tennis, Horse Racing and markets Stock Market & commodities Markets .

    2. Currently we are giving Football & cricket only

  2. How your predictions come?

    1. Maulik Bhatt – The Predictor, predicts particulars with the help of Vedic Astrology – The Predictive Science.

    2. For details of “Vedic Astrology - The Predictive Science

  3. For how long are you in this business?

    1. Maulik Bhatt is predicting different Sports, Markets and events from1999.

  4. What is your guarantee?

    1. MaulikBhatt.com gives you more accurate and genuine Predictions, we are not giving any guess work or any automated analysis presumption.

    2. We use automated stuff but more depended on Human effort

    3. Most important is our past proven track records , for details click here

  5. What is your average winning rate/percentage?

    1. For details you can go to our Past Performance page

    2. MB Predictions is giving you more than 900% returns on investments

    3. We delivered minimum 70% and mostly more than 85% accurate predictions

  6. Is your tips history genuine?

    1. We have some third party data(mostly well-known Media source)

    2. We published openly, so it’s available for all, including our clients also. So if we put wrong information than we lose our client’s faith and our business.

    3. Most important whatever we claim is genuine as per our best knowledge, and if you prove it wrong we will reward you.

  7. What type of Predictions do you give? Or - What type of picks do you give?

    1. Sports Predictions for Cricket, Football, Tennis, Horse Racing etc

    2. Stock Market Predictions for Indian Markets, UK Markets, US Markets etc.

    3. Commodities Predictions for Gold, Silver etc.

    4. Political and other major events like Oscar, Olympics etc.

    5. Corporate Horoscope , Career Horoscope and Financial Horoscopes

  8. Are these Predictions with replacement in case of wrong Predictions?

    1. Yes in some case, according to our policy

    2. Different policy for Cricket Match Predictions , Football Predictions , Stock Market Predictions , Horoscopes

  9. Do you offer a discount?

    1. We can offer discounts occasionally but really very rarely

    2. Most important thing is we offer best returns, more and more. We believe that more ROI (Return on Investments) is better than some discount.

  10. When do you deliver the tips? The exact hour?

    1. Different as type of predictions for details click Cricket Predictions , Football Predictions , Stock Market Predictions , Horoscopes Guidance

  11. How do I receive the tips? By text (SMS) or email?

    1. Generally it’s by text (SMS) but sometimes we E-mail and/or Call also, it’s depends on subscription package and/or clients country locations.

  12. Are there Free Trial Tips available?

    1. No we never give any Free Trial

  13. What kind of Tips Packages do you have?

    1. Different types of Packages are there for details click Payments

  14. Which payment methods do you offer for subscribers?

    1. We have almost all kind of payment methods, For details click Payments

  15. Do you recommend an online or an offline bookie?

    1. No.

  16. Still have doubts?

    1. You can E-mails us: contact@maulikbhatt.com