Successful & Great Predictions of Cricket World Cup 2011 through Vedic Astrology

Cricket World Cup 2011

Successful & Great Predictions of Cricket World Cup 2011 through Vedic Astrology

By Maulik Bhatt – Consultant Predictive Science , 

Shree Maulik Bhatt predicted the Cricket World Cup 2011 with more than 96% accurate Predictions

  • The Match Results Predictions are more than 96%
  • The Toss Results Predictions are more than 65%
  • The predictions before start of Cricket World Cup 2011
  • Major upsets and good matches with upsets are predicted before world cup start

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Cricket World Cup 2011 Predictions

Cricket Predictions 

Just going with only first paragraph of this article…… Keep in mind that ….. The forecasting of Cricket Match is depend upon the final playing eleven says Rudr, but primary calculations for cricket world cup 2011 as per schedule and most likely final eleven here is the predictions for cricket world cup 2011. This will be the high scoring world cup and Rudr feels that 26th February to 4th March, 11th and 12thMarch, 17th to 20th March is the dates on which upsets are likely, so this will be the time to watch out.

Correct Predictions

First Part….            26th February to 4th March

  • 26th Feb Pakistan beat Sri Lanka Very close and every one talk about SL win this is first one
  • 27th Feb The TIE match India VS England
  • 2nd March Ireland beat England, very major upset

Second Part….          11th and 12thMarch

  • 11th march Bangladesh Beat England, other major upset
  • 12th March South Africa Beat India, very close and last over change upset

Third Part…..             17th to 20th March

  • 17th March England beat West Indies, England in knockout stage because of this
  • 19th March Pakistan beat Australia, the big win of this tournaments

The Quarter Finals of Cricket World Cup 2011

  • India Beat Australia, very uncertain and big match of CWC 2011
  • New Zeeland beat South Africa, The biggest upset of CWC 2011


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