Best Cricket - Football - Stock Market Predictor and Vedic Astrologer

Stock Market and Football Predictor by Vedic Astrology

Maulik Bhatt – The Predictor, is a Predictive Science (Vedic Astrology) consultant. MB’s specialization is in Sports and Markets which is huge in competition. MB’s prophecies are much accurate and relevant so each person can understand easily.

Following are the MB’s expertise:

1. Cricket Betting Tips

2. Football Predictions

3. Stock Market


Maulik Bhatt – The Predictor is a Gold Medalist in Jyotish Visharad. He has achieved many more like Jyotish Acharya, Master of Astrology. MB has received many honorable awards for his work by the most renowned organizations and folks.

Maulik Bhatt – The Predictor has done more than 2000+ T.V shows as well as Predictions for T.V shows. His shows and interviews is being regularly broadcasting in various T.V channels alike Zee TV Gujarati, TV9 Gujarati, Star News (ABP), IBN7, CNN IBN, NDTV and etc. Maulik Bhatt’s prediction and quotes usually publish in various print media like newspaper, magazines and etc. Some of them are Indian Express, Times of India, DNA and many other.

MB – The Predictor has prophesied successfully the most toughest and unpredictable sports event i.e Cricket and Football more than 81%. Up to now MB’s Predictions for sports are more than 1000 events, so this shows how experienced he is. Since last ten years Maulik Bhatt had continuously predicted for Stock Market with 81% to 90% accuracy. Indeed his prediction was accurate in predicting the past elections in US and India i.e. while in 2008 he predicted Barack Obama – The President of the United States for US country which was utmost the same. And also for the country India & Gujarat he predicted Narendra Modi to be the PM & CM respectively. Maulik Bhatt is the Best Cricket Predictor and Football Tipster in India. MB is Accurate Cricket Predictor also Stock Market and Football Predictor in India

Maulik Bhatt has got many rewards in Astrology and he had trained more than 400 astrologers for different entities. Maulik Bhatt – The Predictor is working since 1999 as a consultant predictive science. Mr.Bhatt is research scholar in astrology field and doing research through more than 15 years. MB never guess or presume he gives ​Accurate Cricket Betting Tips by his experience, researches and as well as he spend his human hours and works hard to get accurate prediction. He is self-assured because of his uphill struggle.