Best Nifty Intraday Tips by Maulik Bhatt

What is Nifty..?

  • For Indian equity market Nifty is a National Stock Exchange of India’s benchmark index. It is a leading index for large companies on the (NSE) National Stock Exchange of India. Nifty represents 24 sectors of the economy and consists of 50 companies as well as it represents traded value of 47% approx. on the National Stock Exchange of India.

  • What is Intraday Trading..?
  • Any quantity of the same share you buy and sell in a day or trade doing within the day is Intraday Trading.
  • Get detail and regular stock market predictions
  • So Nifty Intraday trading means to buy and sell the share within the day (F & O). There are many huge companies in the Nifty and people usually go with the intraday trading.

An illustration to understand easily what is it exactly.

Suppose Mr. X had brought 120 shares of TATA on a day. Before the market gets closed Mr. X sells those 120 shares. This is Intraday Trading.

People are mostly found taking interest on Intraday Trading as one gets his share back at end of the day or when market gets closed. So one may not be aware if he is investing on profitable share or not. It is good to consult a good financial advisor, so that the fear of suffering loss may get low. But to have accurate tips is the main point. All are not expert for providing Intraday tips. If one is providing than it may be because of technical analysis or by good information. But to know accurate intraday tips there are very few people or may not be. Nifty is most profitable trading as it consists of huge companies and in which to interest is the most important thing.