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What is Betting Odds..?

When there are more probabilities of outcome in an event like cricket, in that case odds are used for huge scope and it becomes comfortable to bet. Odds are of various kinds and people used to bet on different kinds of odds in which they are much comfortable to bet. In the current era, mostly fixed odds betting takes place between a betting firm alike bookie and individuals.

  • An illustration given below to make it clear out what 'Odds' are exactly:

On a match race or coin toss between two evenly matches, it is reasonable for two people to wager level stakes. So in more changing situations such a multi racer car or a cricket match between two unequally matched sides’ odds betting provides more scope.

A sport betting is mostly legal in the world apart from some of the country i.e like in India it is not legal but in European nations they accept as a profession wagers and it is regulated not criminalized.

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Betting odds are of different kinds and majorly represented in European format (Decimal Odds), Uk format (Fractional odds), American format (Moneyline odds). Different matches like Test, ODI, T20 have homogenous odds. Odds are available as follows:

  • Fractional Odds: It is an Uk formats and favored by British bookmakers. Fractional odds are also known as traditional odds. They are represented as ‘/’ slash, but can also be represented as ‘-‘. For e.g: 3/2 , 3-2

  • Decimal Odds: Decimal odds are different from fractional odds and they are also known as European odds and Continental odds. They are mostly favored in Europe, Australia and Canada. They are represented as ‘. ‘ . For eg: 3.2

  • Moneyline Odds: Moneyline odds are recommended by American bookies and it is also known as American odds. The number details either will be positive or negative, this are the two possibilities for Moneyline odds.

  • Positive Figures: It is an US Format. Amount won a 100 stake when positive. It is represented as’ + ‘. For e.g *+50

  • Negative Figures: It is an US Format. Stake needs 100 to win when negative. It is represented as ‘–‘. For e.g *-50

Live Cricket Betting Odds are available as follows:

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